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High-Risk Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic at Memorial Hermann Hospital

High Risk: A Handbook for the Aftercare of Premature Infants

The High Risk Neonatal Follow-up Clinic at Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston provides followup care to infants following a premature birth. Premature infants often face multiple complications long after discharge and the clinic helps new parents navigate the challenges they face in the critical care of their child.


The High Risk Handbook was created to be used as a take-home resource for new parents, covering 15 of the most common topics or conditions these infants face. It communicates scary, clinical information in a simple, direct way that people with varying educational levels can understand. Straightforward medical illustrations throughout the book help parents visually understand complicated subject matter and empower them to make educated decisions, and ask better questions, regarding the care of their child.


The book was sized to fit inside of a standard diaper bag so parents could easily take it with them, and it was produced in both English and Spanish.


This piece was produced as the result of an Ideas That Matter grant from Sappi Paper that I applied for and received following the premature birth of my own son. I was suddenly thrust into a medical situation/condition I did not understand and I wanted to help other parents like myself navigate the chaos and uncertainly that follows.

Client / 

High-Risk Neonatal Follow-Up Clinic at Memorial Hermann Hospital


Role / 

Design Director:
Visual concept, design and production


Agency / 

Savage Brands

Illustration / 

Michael Dean

Photography / 

Drew Donovan

Copywriting / 

Molly Glentzer

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