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Leading Energy's Next Frontier: Campaign Materials

Chevron is working together to provide energy that drives human progress. To stimulate that progress, we created a suite of materials designed to motivate, energize and promote an entrepreneurial spirit within the Mid-Continent region and help Chevron lead energy’s next frontier.


Visually the campaign was rooted in the simple, bold, flat imagery one might find in political advertising, accompanied by simple, direct messaging used to motivate and inspire an audience.


These elements were presented alone on things like stickers and posters. They were also used in combination with each other on banner stand quickscreens, posters and display screens within offices. As the campaign started to deepen, the visual style extended into the working environment as the concepts were designed to be applied to entire walls.

Client / 

Mid-Continent Business Unit


Role / 

Design Director: 
Visual concept, design, production and illustration


Agency / 

Savage Brands

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