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Delta Air Lines

Emerge: Commemorative Re-listing Brochure

Delta Air Lines is the U.S. global airline leader in products, services, innovation, reliability and customer experience. In 2007, Delta went on a five-day “barnstorming” and media blitz in conjunction with their emergence from Chapter 11 bankruptcy. At the same time they completely rebranded the airline and unveilied a suite of new traveler amenities.


The barnstorming first started with stops at hubs in Los Angeles and Salt Lake City to rally employees and generate excitement. The main festivities started in Atlanta where executives held employee rallys and remotely rang the opening bell of the NYSE upon its relisting. Following the bell, Delta executives traveled on to New York City to ring the closing bell and held a reception on the floor of the NYSE with employees, board members and others involved in the reemergence. The next day rallys were held at hubs in Boston and Cincinnati.


We were asked to accompany a photographer and document these events concluding with the design of a commemorative book to send to all of those involved.


The cover of the book was designed as a ticket jacket, complete with a personalized, individually-printed “boarding pass” that was inserted into a die-cut cover. The inside of the book featured the new branding throughout, as well as photos from the events and various quotes and excerpts from executive speeches during the festivities.

Client / 

Delta Airlines


Role / 

Design Director: 
Visual concept, photo direction, 
design and production


Agency / 

Savage Brands


Photography / 

Justin Calhoun

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