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EB Research Partnership (EBRP)

One Day, Every Day

The Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship is Rice University’s nationally-recognized initiative devoted to the support of technology commercialization, entrepreneurship education, and the launch of technology companies. Their mission is to support the creation and success of startups and the commercialization of new technologies in the Houston community and beyond.


The emphasis of their second annual report was on having the right chemistry. The report focused on the chemistry and structure of the organization, relationships and chemistry within the university, and as a growing presence within Houston’s entrepreneurial community.


Drawing on Rice University’s slightly irreverant sense of humor and fun, the design was inspired by a kitschy, old, 1950s chemistry textbook. Campy illustrations and typography were used throughout, providing a stark contrast to the technology and innovation that serves as the foundation for this organization.


The report was distributed at multiple events, meetings and competitions it held during the year.

Client / 

ER Research Partnership (EBRP)


Role / 

Design Director: Visual concept, design and production


Agency / 

Savage Brands

Photography / 

Chris Shinn


Copywriting / 

Molly Glentzer

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