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Savage Good

Good On Purpose: An exhibition of work for social good at the Pratt Institute (NYC)

Following several successful, formative, social good design projects and the formalization of Savage Good, an initiative that provides strategic creative services to non-profit organizations on a pro bono basis, an exhibition of work was held at Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communications Design Department Gallery in New York City.


The exhibition featured seven projects hung around the perimeter of the gallery space. A central wall featured photos and short, accompanying vignettes of people who initially inspired the projects displayed. One challenge was the walls within the gallery were not able to be moved or altered, so the show was designed around the space and any limitations that provided.


Instead of simply showing spreads or photos of the final project, individuals, stories or statistics from those projects were pulled out and emphasized in an effort to storytell and help connect the organization’s relevance and need for the work that was designed.


In an effort to inspire and engage the gallery visitor, many of whom were Pratt students, one area of the installation included a place for visitors to write down what social causes inspired them to get them to consider using their creative talents to help others also.


The gallery installation kicked off with a reception on opening night and a brief talk highlighting Savage Good’s work in the community. Attendees also were also able to walk away with Savage t-shirts and exhibition posters if they wanted.

Client / 

Savage Good


Role / 

Design Director: Full show design and production


Agency / 

Savage Brands

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