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Branding, Brand Guidelines and Visual Expression

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Design Director: 
Visual concept, design and production


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Savage Brands

Global Parking Operations, a residential amenities company, came to Savage seeking guidance on how to reshape their brand. The organization was built on valet services, but had expanded beyond parking into security and concierge offerings. Leadership was also intent on getting in front of new clientele in luxury markets and new cities in Texas. Savage renamed the company Radkin, and created a branding path that would bring out the best of who Global Parking had been, while updating their story, look and feel to meet those goals for growth.


The Radkin logo was based on their purpose of spreading the power of a smile. A simple smile icon was placed underneath the “a” and “d”, which reference eyes, to humanize the powerful emotional component of the brand. Because the smile is a bridge that unites us all, it was the central element in the brand’s new aesthetic. Multiple options of the smile were created, giving Radkin increased flexibility when incorporating the brand into a variety of applications.


A bright, vibrant color palette was selected to accompany a warm style of photography that amplified the employee experience and the helpful attitude their clients have come to expect.


All of these elements came together in a brief set of brand guidelines that provided the framework for usage and included multiple examples of visual applications that demonstrated the versatility of the new visual system.

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