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Savage Brands

Branding & HR Branding
Field Guides

Savage’s Branding and HR Branding Field Guides were promotional brochures sent to current and prospective clients, reflective of growth areas and areas of focus in Savage’s business. The goal was to produce pieces that were small but dense with rich content that presented the information in multiple ways.


Beyond merely featuring case studies of Savage’s portfolio work, both brochures served to educate and engage, including surveys and interviews with industry peers, and brief quizzes and matching games to test your brand knowledge.


The design of both brochures was rooted in the field guides of old – small in size, kitschy and highly-visual – accompanied by brief, detailed descriptions. Additional full-color illustrations were created to present branding concepts in a fun, clever way.

Client / 

Savage Brands


Role / 

Design Director: Visual concept, design and production


Agency / 

Savage Brands


Illustration / 

Juliette Borda, Michael Dean

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