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I'm a kid trapped in a 53-year-old body, complete with two artificial knees. I am a Red Bull-loving, mountain biking enthusiast who still loves the heaviest of metal. And I love to design – it's a kick in the pants to get to do this for a living.



Creativity, art and design have been major forces in my life as far back as I can remember. What started out as fun not only continues to be fun but has shown me it has the ability to truly transform, educate and move others. As a result of some of those successful outcomes and achievements in my career I discovered my own purpose – to inspire others through my work and experience.


Over my 30+ year career I’ve partnered with numerous clients to create and build brands that authentically tell their story and help them plant a flag in the world. I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies to communicate their vision and drive value in the investment community. I’ve been at the forefront of the ESG-reporting segment as the world embraces greener, more responsible corporate practices. I’ve even turned a Pearl Jam concert into a chance to impact the lives of those courageously living with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). Big or small, Wall Street or Main Street, I like to deliver impact that inspires change, growth and creates a better world for the next generation.


I believe that good design is just as much about what you don’t include as what you do. I crave the flow of being so immersed in a project that 8 hours feels like 8 minutes. I am inspired by hope, passion and conviction, a great redemption story, clever, subtle simplicity in the midst of chaos, laughter, loud music, and clean, mountain air. And I am driven by connecting with others and being part of a team that strives to contribute something to the world in a meaningful way.



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